About us

Dear friends!
I`m glad to see you in my humble shop! I've been making jewelry (pendants, bracelets, necklaces) from an ancient objects detected in the territory of Ukraine, where Homo sapiens settled tens of thousands of years ago.
Bronze - one of the first alloys, which was known to our ancestors about 6-5 thousand years ago.
For several millennia, household tools and weapons were made of various alloys of copper, but the main one was the bronze.
About c. 100 AD, the Iron as a cheaper and more durable metal have replaced the bronze in daily home usage, and products made from the bronze been passed into the category of jewelry.
The Bronze items are not destroying over time by corrosion influence; they are covering with a patina - a thin layer of solid salts, various shades of green and brown to almost black color.
For mine master-pieces, I use only the authentic ancient bronze and silver objects, with the exception of accessories.
Since these things are very rare, the production of jewelry cannot be put "on stream base", so I’m able to do 1-5 pieces per month.
Dark spots and shades on the products - this is not a defect, and the traces of thousands of years of patina, which gives additional charm to decoration and a sense of genuine antiquity. 
Also, do not be surprised that similar items have different shades of color: from yellow-red to almost white - this is due to the fact that they were made with different additives (zinc, tin, etc.) 
Enamel preparing the epoxy resin, so wet it in water is undesirable, If dirt gets on the enamel, it is best to remove it with a soft swab dipped in alcohol. 
All enamel items are glowing under the ultraviolet light, so your jewelry will look delightful, not only in the daytime, but also at parties and in the night clubs!